Intensive Outpatient Program

Treatment Beyond Addiction

Those who suffer from co-occurring disorders typically require more support as they progress through treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focuses on educating you on how to effectively communicate with others while managing your cravings, anger or depression. Many of our intensive outpatient clients choose to reside at our Choices Sober Living facility, but you’re able to live at home and continue your regular work or school schedule if you prefer.

Treatment Plans Created for You

Upon arrival, you will be assigned a licensed therapist and board-certified addiction psychiatrist who will meet with you individually every week to design a customized treatment plan unique to your needs. You will also attend peer support groups three hours a day to discuss topics such as relapse prevention, self-esteem issues, trauma, nutrition, budgeting and education.

Therapies Built
to Succeed

Our licensed therapists use a combination of traditional and modern therapeutic methods in order to treat the underlying issues and behaviors of your addiction. These include:

Your coach can provide you with a level of accountability and individual care that no treatment program can provide. They will stick with you throughout your recovery, cheer you on when you succeed and help you up when you fall.

You will be able to openly express yourself to your loved ones and resolve underlying conflicts. Rekindling your relationship with family members will allow you to heal wounds from your childhood and regain your most vital support group.

Congregating with others with similar experiences and challenges is an invaluable experience that you can’t receive in any other setting. You are able to share accomplishments and learn from each other’s mistakes.

You’ll learn how to dissipate the difficult feelings that come along with trauma by learning how to redirect your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. The goal is to achieve an emotional and physical adjustment toward a more positive way of being.

Benefits of IOP

Life doesn’t stop during treatment, so having a flexible plan that incorporates individualized, family-focused, supportive treatment options allows you to keep on living while healing your mind, body and soul. By slowly transitioning back into your life, you greatly increase your chances of long-term success and minimize the risk of relapse.

There are many other benefits linked to IOP as well:

  • Continued work/school presence
  • Flexibility to reflect individual needs
  • Practice new life skills
  • Greater levels of responsibility
  • Maintain household responsibilities
  • High levels of care
  • Strong support structure

Is IOP Right
for Me?

If you have already completed detoxification, finished your first round of treatment and would like additional high-level support while transitioning into your sober life, an Intensive Outpatient Program is a great option. It provides you with a higher level of support than our outpatient program while allowing you to either live at home or in our sober living apartments.

Surrounding yourself with those you love and creating new friendships with those you can relate to will build on the foundation you laid during initial treatment.

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