Alumni Program

Building a Lifelong Community

Being part of a community is an extremely valuable tool in recovery, and by actively getting involved in your aftercare treatment, you can greatly improve your chances for long-term sobriety and improve your quality of life. Our alumni program offers the support and amity you and your family need in order to continue celebrating your successes.

An Exclusive Program

To celebrate your success, we host several events throughout the year for you and your peers. We’ve had beach parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving dinners, pool parties and more. Aside from the entertainment, the alumni program exists for a much deeper purpose: to continue the support and camaraderie that you established while in treatment and remain in contact with those that were part of such a dark, yet beautiful, part of your life.

What It Can
Offer You

The Wellness Counseling Center’s alumni program strives to maintain a lifelong connection with you. By being part of our exclusive program, you will have access to additional resources and receive regular invites to networking events and parties. You will be able to retain the relationships you worked so hard to develop and receive ongoing support to stay strong in your recovery.

Other benefits include:

  • Exclusive events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Recovery resources and support groups
  • Support from familiar counselors
  • Connections to network events
  • Decreased risk of relapse

How Does
It Work?

Recovery can be lonely, even with support from your family. Once you leave treatment, you are no longer surrounded by people who understand your struggles in a real way. Having someone who has been there and can provide encouragement is beneficial.

The Wellness Counseling Center alumni program offers activities and support to graduates of our outpatient treatment programs. Before leaving treatment, speak with your counselor to sign up. Essentially, the alumni program offers you a natural, fun way to develop lasting relationships and ensure your sobriety.

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