Our Facility

Fostering Relationships

Our comfortable, distraction-free facility was designed to keep you focused on your recovery and foster deeply-rooted connections to support you on your recovery journey. The high counselor-to-client ratio permits us to build up a relationship with you and learn who you are as a person in order to treat your issue at its core.

This place really helps so many people, and they really care! Each person matters and that’s a beautiful thing!– Heather D.

Recover in Relaxation

Sometimes healing requires stepping out into nature and exploring the world around you. Our convenient location is just minutes from beautiful beaches – sink your toes into the hot, white sand, listen to the rolling waves, breathe in the ocean breeze and feel the hot sun soak into your skin.

We also have a community pool, a fitness center, a movie theater and a 12-Step Club House right up the road. Whatever your interest, there is something here to make your treatment as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

Reside in Comfort

Choices Recovery, our Sober Living house, is a safe, comfortable place for you to reside while you transition back into everyday life. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, cozy beds with fresh linens, a bathroom and a living room with comfortable leather couches and a flat screen TV to relax after a long day. With only six rooms available, the community builds a sense of camaraderie while healing.