Ongoing addiction treatment is treatment that occurs after you’ve successfully completed detox and a 30+ day residential program. It is generally outpatient and will help you transition into your sober life.

Aftercare greatly increases your chances for success and minimizes your risk of relapse. It allows you to slowly ease into your new lifestyle free of drugs or alcohol and build up a support system that can help guide you throughout your recovery.

Yes, we accept most insurance plans. Our dedicated team will contact your insurance company to determine your coverage and coordinate the billing of services.

We accept most insurance plans. If you need financial assistance, don’t have insurance or would prefer not to use your insurance due to privacy concerns, we can assist you in applying for a loan. We have an established relationship with Wells Fargo and can help connect you with them.

The average length of time for outpatient treatment is six to eight weeks, but that time is flexible depending on your specific needs.

The intensive outpatient program includes three hours of treatment, four days a week. The outpatient program includes three hours of treatment, one day a week.

Outpatient treatment is a type of addiction or dual diagnosis treatment that is part time and allows you to live at home or in a sober living facility and commute to the center each day. It usually consists of a variety of treatments, such as family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention and education.

The difference between intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatments is simply the amount of time you spend in treatment. IOP includes a much more in-depth treatment plan and involves you spending the majority of the day at the facility. You’re able to continue work or school, but not at full capacity. OP requires only a couple of hours of treatment each week. You are able to fully return to your life and only come into the facility two to three days a week. Which treatment you choose depends on the level of care you require and the amount of time you want to dedicate to your recovery.

Sober living houses provide a safe, comfortable place for you to reside during early recovery. The goal is to live in a completely sober facility and surround yourself with others like you while participating in everyday activities, such as household chores, cooking and shopping. It instills a sense of independence in a safe environment and is ideal for transitioning back into the real world.

There are myriad ways that your family can participate in your treatment. In fact, we encourage their involvement. They are able to attend family therapy sessions, Families Anonymous, Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings to engage with other families and obtain support and experience with the 12-step concepts.

No. Choices Sober Living is optional. It is a good choice if you don’t live in the area or if you feel you may be surrounded by temptations in your home. Many clients who participate in IOP choose to live in the sober living houses, but you’re able to commute from home if you prefer.

The list of resources is endless. You’re always welcome back if you need continued support. You can join our alumni program and participate in exclusive events and stay connected to your counselors and peers. Your sober coach will be an ongoing resource and cheerleader throughout your recovery. If you need any further assistance, we’re happy to provide it any way we can.

Call us today – we will happily walk you through the entire process and find the program and treatment that will best suit you.

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